Bob Gough for Congress Missouri District Five
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"Replace Congressman Cleaver with Bob Gough"

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver's Support of Obama Care
is Sellout to Special Interests

Congressman Cleaver promised not to vote for any National Health Care Bill that was not a Single Payer program.  Instead, Cleaver sold out to a coalition of insurance companies, insiders, and incompetent government  planners.  The current Obama Care is a disaster. 

Cleaver claimed the big insurance companies were the cause of out high health care costs.  Now, with Obama Care, the insurance companies have joined with the government and our health care costs have soared.

Congressman Cleaver in his tenth year (five terms) as a member of Congress.  That is far to long.  He has become a career politician and needs to be replaced.

Bob Gough is a signer of the US Term Limits pledge not to serve more than 3 terms in Congress.

Bob Gough founded the Jackson County Taxpayer's Association in 2000 and has been an advocate for taxpayers for many years.



                    Mo Congressional District 5

The Missouri Fifth Congressional District includes part of Jackson County,  Ray County, Lafayette County, Saline County and part of Cass County.

About Bob Gough

Tax fighter advocate Bob Gough is a candidate for Congress against incumbent Congressman Cleaver.

Bob's campaign will focus on the fiscal carnage caused by the recent  increase of the federal debt by $2.1 trillion. 

"At the urging of Obama and the Republican House Speaker, Congress voted to increase our national debt by $2.1 trillion.  Our Fifth District Congressman voted for our country's huge debt limit increase.  We need a new independent representative that will reject debt limit increases.

Bob Gough founded the Jackson County Taxpayer's Association in 2000 and has been an advocate for taxpayers for many years.  He joined with other tax payer advocates to defeat a recent ballot measure for an eighteen percent increase in the Lee's Summit school tax.

Bob Gough served his country in the US Army in an infantry training Brigade.  He has a BS degree in Mathematics and has been a high school mathematics teacher.  Bob and his wife Helen have been married for thirty years. Together they have three children and three grandchildren.

Bob Gough is active in several community organizations including Jackson County Taxpayers Association, a member of Lee's Summit Masonic Lodge, American Legion, Lee's Summit TOPS,  and Silver Strings Dulcimer Players.

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